10 Inexpensive Summer Fun Activities for Kids

Summer vacation means that the kids are out of school. While some kids might just want to hang out at home, that usually isn’t the most productive or enjoyable way for kids to spend their summer, especially since they’re likely to get bored quickly. If you work, you may not be able to look after them anyway. However, a lot of parents are worried about the cost of summer activities. Luckily, a fast cash advance can help you pay for the quality time you spend with your kids.

Fun summer activities for kids: Fun Activities with Kids

Use these 10 inexpensive summer activities to help your kids enjoy their time off:

  1. Send your kids to day camp if you’re working. Pick an activity they love and let them enjoy it. A fast cash advance can help you cover the minimal cost.
  2. Try a craft project. Model airplanes, watercolor painting or simply drawing is inexpensive and fun.
  3. Play a sport with your child. Whatever sport they’re interested in, there’s a way for you to play with them. Physical activity is especially important for children since they won’t be getting it in school or on the playground during the summer.
  4. Go bowling. When it gets too hot to play outside, bowling is a good activity that will keep kids moving. It’s also cheaper during the day most of the time.
  5. Cook a meal together. Spending time simply cooking at home is a great way to bond with your child and save money over going out.
  6. Spend time playing a board game. Traditional board games are still fun for kids and can help reduce TV time.
  7. Check out a local museum. Many museums even have days when they are free or open to the public at a very low cost.
  8. See a movie. Matinee movies during the day cost less and often show age-appropriate movies for young children.
  9. Go to a free concert in the park. Free concerts happen in most areas in the summer months and expose kids to the arts.
  10. Visit your library. Libraries can still be magical places for kids to learn and have fun, especially younger children.

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