10 Situations When You Should Avoid Payday Advances

  1. You Are Already Burdened with Loans

    Oftentimes it is easy to indulge in reckless borrowing. Since payday loans are the easiest option to get an instant cash advance, it’s tough to ignore the temptation when you know that all the other doors are closed. Taking out numerous loans can not only cause you a lot of mental trauma later on, but it can also land you in huge trouble someday.

  2. You Are Not Sure if You Will Be Able to Return the Money

    Sometimes you become overenthusiastic about buying something and go for convenient cash advance options available online. In such cases, people often fail to speculate whether it will be possible to return that much money on time. This can spoil your credit score in the market, which can have several detrimental repercussions.

  3. It’s Easily Avoidable

    Don’t make taking out payday advances a habit. Before going for this option, ask yourself: “is it really that necessary?” If you get an answer from within saying that it can wait, then wait.

  4. If You Are Not Sure About the Online Payday Loan Company

    Read the reviews on the web, ask a friend or two about their experience with that particular company, and don’t be afraid to talk on phone with the company to get all of your questions answered. See if they sound genuine and can be trusted. Go for it only once you are very sure about the credibility of the company.

  5. If You Don’t Have a Defined Purpose

    Simply because, while surfing on the net, you came across a payday loan site and you wish to experiment, does not mean that you should impulsively take a risk. Until and unless you know what you are going to do with the money, and you know how important it is for you, there is no point taking such advances.

  6. You Don’t Have a Fixed Source of Income

    Be it big or small, if you are taking a loan, you should be in a position to pay it off. If you do not have a fixed source of income, it’s advisable to avoid it. There is no point in creating a stressful future for yourself. Wait until you have a job and then buy whatever you wish.

  7. If You Are Suffering from Spending Addiction

    People around you might not understand, but this is, in fact, a medical condition. If you find yourself overspending in spite of knowing it but you just lose control, you must seek medical help. Keep all your credit cards with a family member or a friend that you can trust.

  8. If it Is for Gambling or Betting

    Gambling has ruined lives of many. We would suggest not going for a payday cash advance if you are going to use it for betting. It is advisable to only use a payday cash advance if it will be used for a stable purchase.

  9. If It’s for Paying of Your EMI (Equated Monthly Installment)

    Getting a loan to pay off another one? No! It’s absolutely a wrong option. Make it a point to save enough for your EMIs prior to their due date.

  10. If it Is for Buying too Expensive Stuff

    The main motive of instant cash advances is to serve day to day cash shortages or an emergency situation. Using it to by expensive consumer goods doesn’t make any sense. You might face difficulties in returning all of it at once.

For situations not mentioned above, you can always count on us. Need instant cash right now? Get in touch with us.

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