10 Smart Tips to Get the Best Airfare Offers

Are you planning a trip in the near future and looking for ways to save a few dollars?

Make the most of your airfare using payday loans in California with the following tips:

  1. Book early but not too early: The cheapest domestic airfares are posted 21 days prior to departure, while the cheapest international airfares are posted 34 days before departure.

    Best Airfare Offers

  2. Fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday: Most business travelers leave on Monday and return Thursday or Friday, while leisure travelers leave for a weekend getaway on Friday and return on Sunday.
  3. Fly during the off season: Book trips when most people aren’t flying, including the two weeks following Thanksgiving and the three weeks following Christmas.
  4. Take advantage of layovers: You can save quite a bit if you take a couple days to visit another city on the way to your final destination.
  5. Go to auction: If you have some flexibility with your travel plans and don’t mind a layover or two, think about naming your own price at Priceline.com.
  6. Be open to the destination: Instead of trying to find the best deal for a specific location, go where the flights are the cheapest. Check Google Flights, Kayak, Whichbudget and Skyscanner for current deals.
  7. Look into alternative routes: In addition to being flexible with the dates and destination, you may also be save money with the route that you take. For example, sometimes you can save money by flying to London and taking a budget flight to Amsterdam instead of flying direct to Amsterdam.
  8. Fly to secondary airports: Many major cities have a smaller, secondary airport with budget carriers. For example, if you’re flying to Chicago, look for flights into Midway instead of O’Hare.
  9. Compare search engine results: Most Americans head right to Expedia or Orbitz for airplane tickets and don’t check the prices against other search results. Do your research to confirm that you’re getting a good deal.
  10. Follow your favorite airlines on Twitter: You can often find great airfare deals on Twitter, particularly for small, low-cost airlines such as Virgin America and JetBlue.
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