10 Tips for Dining Out Cheap at Restaurants

Are you looking for ways to save money? Many people are reluctant to consider cutting their restaurant budgets because they think that it will mean giving up eating out altogether. However, you can still enjoy a meal out once in a while by stretching your dining dollars.

Here are 10 ways to help you cut cost in your restaurant bill:

1. Drink water.
Restaurants markup both soft drinks and alcohol significantly. Make sure to ask for tap water instead of bottled water, which will also cost at least a few dollars.

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2. Have a before meal drink or nightcap at home.
If you enjoy having a drink with dinner, consider having one before going out or ending the evening with a nightcap back at your place.

3. Eat breakfast or lunch at a restaurant instead of dinner.
Many restaurants offer much better deals on the same dishes for breakfast or lunch rather than dinner.

4. Share an entree.
Most restaurants serve huge portions that can serve two people easily. Alternatively, you can also order separate entrees and then only eat half at the restaurant, allowing you to take the other half home and get another meal for your money.

5. Order appetizers instead of entrees.
It is common to find appetizers on the menu that are inexpensive and still quite filling and healthy.

6. Take advantage of daily specials.
For example, many Mexican restaurants offer $1 taco Tuesday nights or discount drink specials, particularly on week days.

7. Take advantage of happy hour specials.
There are often half priced drink and appetizer specials early in the evening and late at night. Make sure to check whether or not you have to sit at the bar to take advantage of these specials.

8. Search for coupons.
Before heading out to eat, search for the name of the restaurant plus “coupon” online. You can also check the restaurant’s Facebook page or website for current deals.

9. Use online deal sites.
Two of the most popular restaurant discount sites are restaurant.com and opentable.com.

10. Join restaurant loyalty clubs.
In exchange for an email address, many restaurants send discounts or freebies throughout the year as well as for special occasions, such as birthdays.

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