10 Tricks to Help You Pay Less for Movie Tickets

Have you cut down on your movie theater trips because tickets have come to be so expensive?

The following 10 tips will help you save a few dollars on your movie tickets: Movie Theater

  1. Go to matinee shows. Many movie theaters offer cheaper prices on the first show of the day and sometimes all morning and afternoon shows, especially on weekdays.
  2. Compare prices at different theaters. Not all movie theaters have the same prices, even within the same chain or corporate-owned sister chains. For example, AMC Theaters have multiple viewing options including value promotions throughout the week.
  3. Find a late-run theater. If you’re not in a hurry to see a blockbuster release right away, you can spend less money watching it in a late-run theater when it’s already been out for several months.
  4. Join a movie theater club. Some theaters offer rewards programs with discounts and other promotions. For example, AMC club members get a $10 credit for every $100 spent.
  5. Skip the IMAX and 3D shows. Movie theaters charge premium prices for IMAX theaters and 3D showings. Watch the same movie on a regular screen without the 3D effects for considerably less money.
  6. Buy at the box office. It may be more convenient to buy tickets online ahead of time but it’s also more expensive. If you want to buy tickets in advance, buy them at the theater.
  7. Ask about discounted prices. Many theaters offer children’s and senior’s tickets for cheaper prices. Make sure to get the full details about the discounts, as the age requirement can vary from one theater to the next.
  8. Use ticketing websites. There are number of ticketing sites such as Fandango that offer a flat price for multiple tickets to a specific movie or a percentage off of a single ticket price.
  9. Check with local retailers for promotions. Sam’s Club, Costco and a number of local grocery store and gas station chains sell discounted movie tickets.
  10. Use credit card perks. Do you have a credit card that offers cash percentage back on certain types of purchases? Put the money that you get back towards movie tickets.

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