5 Apps to Help You Spend Less On Your Travels

Travel apps can help people plan a vacation and save money. With new travel apps coming out every day, it’s almost impossible not to find the best deals on airlines, hotels, ground transportation, food and entertainment. California payday loans can also help make traveling easier.

The following 5 travel apps are all free and help provide solutions to finding the best travel deals:

Free Travel Apps for Best Travel Deals

  1. StayAtHand

    This innovative hotel search tool was developed by hotel experts who understand traveler needs. Its one-click cancellation option alone makes it a refreshing alternative to the many online travel agents that offer a rigid non-refundable reservation and complex cancellation process.

    This app connects travelers with AAA, AARP and special rates as well as around the clock live support for U.S. travelers. Notifications can be set for when specific hotel rooms become available at or below desired rates. The tool also gives planners opportunities to search for great deals by dates and to be eligible for offline offers from hotels.

  2. Roomer

    Launched in April 2014, this new app lets vacation planners search and book hotel rooms from a pool of other travelers trying to get out of existing reservations. This avenue can provide exceptional last-minute bargains based on destinations and travel dates. It can also let people search by price, discount or rating.

  3. Trail Wallet

    Aside from California payday loans, one of the best financial solutions for travelers is Trail Wallet. This travel expense tracker is designed for the iPhone and is easy to use with customizable features for organizing and recording financial information. It’s a handy tool for making sure travelers stay within their set budgets.

  4. Favado

    Launched by Savings.com, Favado is an easy to use app that helps travelers save up to 80 percent off food and personal care products at grocery stores, drug stores and big box stores. The app lets consumers quickly make price comparisons of desired products based on locations and coupons.

  5. RideScout

    This easy to use transportation finder tool can be applied to 70 North American cities, helping travelers find deals on various types of public transportation.

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