5 Fantasy Living Costs for Middle Class

Some activities and purchases are considered only affordable for the wealthy, so most middle class families don’t even consider looking into them. However, with a little time and financial budgeting, it is possible for these families to enjoy some of the luxuries they currently consider out of reach.

  1. Getting a Second Home
  2. Second Home Location is key, but it is possible for a middle class family to have a second home. Some families inadvertently ended up having two homes when they are unable to sell a home after moving. One option is to rent the second home, especially in vacation destinations. It is important to budget annual maintenance for both homes.

  3. Owning or Using a Private Jet
  4. Families that would prefer a jet to a second home can afford that as well. The time to use jets can be purchased by hour or by year. There are even Jet Card programs that allow flyers to book jets about 10 hours in advance for 25 hours of air time. The time can be done all in one trip or over the course of a year.

  5. Collecting Wine
  6. For those attached to one home that want to make the most of it; this is a less expensive hobby that can really make parents and couples feel established. It generally costs a few thousand to setup the area where wines will be stored then a few thousand a year for wine purchases.

  7. Traveling the World
  8. One common misconception is that traveling the globe is unaffordable. By monitoring flight deals and planning your room and board in advance, you are able to make sure you are catching all the best deals. Break it up over time for a few thousand a year or plan to spend about $150,000 to see the world in one go.

  9. Buying an Island
  10. This one seems like it is only for eccentrics but for middle class families who aren’t looking for a tropical island in the most expensive areas of the world, owning an island doesn’t have to be just a dream. Some islands are going for as little as $27,000.

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