5 Gifts Money Can’t Buy on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and that means trying to find something sentimental and perfect just the sweetheart in your life? While most commercials say going with the most expensive gift will be the best way to impress your significant other, that’s rarely ever the case. In fact, a gift from the heart that is also inexpensive will have a better value than some off-the-shelf expensive jewelry or a bouquet of roses (which will eventually wilt!). Instead, here are five gifts that are perfect for you Valentine.

  1. Switch up dinner plans. Does your significant other usually cook dinner? Well, on Valentine’s Day, it’s time to treat them to a home-cooked meal that you create! Pick a simple dish that they will absolutely love and have a cozy, romantic night-in on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget the candles and soft music!Happy Valentines’ Day
  2. Give them the day off. Sometimes we need a day off away from our daily responsibilities. You can plan a day out with the girls for her or even a day out with the guys for him. At the end of the day reunite with one another for a relaxing night in together.
  3. The simple things matter. Whether it’s their favorite candy or a six pack of beer, getting a small gift they can either use day in and day out or something that you know they enjoy will mean much more than an expensive gift that will sit in a box all year round.
  4. Customized gift basket. Rather than getting a pre-made gift basket that can be expensive and impersonal, create one yourself! You will save lots of money and you will be able to fill it with items you know they love or need. Throw some chocolate kisses in their too just for Valentine’s Day.
  5. DIY affection coupon book. Here’s a cute idea: put together a “coupon book” full of things like free massages, a movie night, or even a “coupon” that says you’ll take care of the dishes for a night! It’s a fun little craft that will be much more personalized and your significant other will appreciate the alone time they will be getting as well as how much thought you put into the gift.


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