7 Tips to Keep Your Bachelorette Bash under Budget

A bachelorette party can be a fun and exciting for many women about to tie the knot. However, with wedding expenses and new home expenses looming, spending a ton of cash may not be in the cards. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend you can still plan a great and fabulous bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Bash under Budget

Use these seven tips to help keep costs down while throwing an unforgettable party:

  1. Find a Free Location
    Where you have the party can be the biggest expense of the night, so finding a free location can be a major help. Use a friend’s house or get a local bar or restaurant owner to help so you can stay clear of venue rental expenses.

  2. Make it a Potluck
    If you’re having your party in a private home, food costs can be very expensive. Make it a potluck and have everybody bring a dish. Even if they don’t cook, guests can buy something on their way.

    Food won’t be the main point of the night anyway, so don’t stress over it too much.

  3. Share the Cost
    Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to pay every penny for the party. Ask close friends to help out – especially if they know you’re in need before big wedding expenses.

  4. Provide Drink Tickets
    If you’re going to pay for most of your party, at least avoid paying for expensive alcohol. Limit the amount each guest drinks for free by handing out drink tickets or vouchers at the start of the evening.

  5. Share Transportation
    Transportation to the venue can be expensive for a night out. Share a ride and save some real money.

  6. Rent a House
    If you’re going out of town, renting one big house can help you save on hotel bills. The bride might even get to stay for free!

  7. Stay Home
    It might sound boring, but a night at home can be excellent for a low-key bachelorette party. Consider doing everything in your home this time around.

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