8 Creative Ways to Make Money During Halloween

Halloween is a great opportunity to make some extra money as there is an increase in sales during this time attributed to Halloween costumes, parties, decorations, haunted places and candy.
Be creative and take advantage of Halloween festivities to make some money!

Creative Ways to Make Money During Halloween

Here are 8 not-so-scary ways to earn some money this Halloween:

    • Sell Handmade Halloween Costumes
      If you are creative and know how to sew or craft, you can make Halloween costumes and sell them at a great price. You can also offer costume repair service and charge a fee. Sell your used costumes after fixing and washing them properly
    • Carve New Pumpkin Designs

      Give pumpkin faces a new makeover and carve the next generation of designs. Showcase them at a small rented space or on the internet and let people know that you are offering attractive pumpkin faces.

    • Decorate a Haunted House

      Transform your home into a haunted house! Just use your imagination and creativity to decorate your house and convert it into a spooky place. You can charge a fee for admission into your house.

      Your friends and neighbors might ask you to decorate their houses if they would be impressed by your decorations. You can then charge them for decorating their houses.

    • Become a Halloween Makeup Artist

      Do you love and spend lots of time doing your own makeup? Use this passion and your creativity to earn some money this Halloween. Charge your friends or neighbors for helping them look like ghosts and zombies.

Surprise everyone with your frightening makeup and make money!

    • Make Scary Videos

      You can create scary videos on Halloween and upload them on sites for a small fee when someone plays the video. Make videos on how to carve pumpkin faces, Jack-O-Lantern and prepare Halloween recipes.

  • Create and Sell Halloween Treats

    Due to health concerns, candies are being replaced by handmade treats. Sell handmade treats to make easy money! Buy small toys in bulk and resell them as loose pieces.

  • Plan Halloween Parties

    Party planning is an excellent way to make money during Halloween. Apart from the usual party decorations- table cloths, themed paper plates and paper goods, you can offer Halloween foods, bake pumpkin and ghost shaped cake and cookies to earn some extra money.

  • Prepare a Halloween Recipe e-Book

    You can prepare a personal cookbook on special Halloween recipes and create an e-Book version so that people can access it online. You can even sell your e-Book on eBay or Craigslist.

    These tips will help you celebrate Halloween and make money at the same time. Happy Halloween!

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