9 Ways to Save Money at the Bar

Everyone loves to hit the bar once in a while for a good time. You may be going to the bar for the music, dancing or simply to catch up with your friends.

Regardless of why you are at the bar, the costs for drinks can quickly escalate and ultimately put a damper on your night.

However, this does not have to be the case. Armed with the following tips, you can enjoy your time at the bar without spending too much.

Below are 9 ideas that will help you save money on drinks at the bar:

Save Money on Drinks

  1. Visit During Happy Hours
  2. Visit the bar during happy hours. Drinks are usually cheap during these hours.

  3. Order Drinks in Bulk
  4. If you know how much beer you will drink for the night, order them in bulk. This will help you save.

  5. Go for Wine/Beer Tasting
  6. Visit bars or wineries that offer beer/wine tasting. You do, however, need to carry some money for the drinks.

  7. Take Part in Competitions
  8. While you are not guaranteed to win, you can still be lucky. If drinks are offered for free to karaoke participants, get on the stage and enjoy yourself.

  9. Eat Before You Go Out
  10. Buying food at the bar can increase your costs. Have your meal before leaving the house.

  11. Hitch a Ride
  12. If you have decided on the bar you will be visiting, hitch a ride from a friend. Alternatively, use public transport instead of taxi.

  13. Visit During the Weekdays
  14. Bars offer drinks at a discount on weekdays to encourage people to visit them. On the other hand, drinks are usually expensive over the weekend when the bar is full.

  15. Know the Bartender
  16. Knowing the bartender and being kind to waiters can help you save. The best time to know bartenders is early evening during the week when not many people are at the bar.

  17. Take Advantage of Deals
  18. Some bars offer discounted drinks via daily deals sites. Check sites like LivingSocial and Groupon for deals offered by bars in your area.

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