The Best Shopping List for the Summer Sale: A Buyer’s Guide

Summertime is one of the most exciting times of the year to go shopping, especially at open air supermarkets and places that sell travel gear. It’s a time for throwing parties, especially backyard barbecues and going on adventurous vacations.

Shop for the Best of Summer Sale
In case you have not quite saved up money for the summer, you may consider taking out a payday loan in California if you have a regular income. These loans are easy to get in between paychecks and don’t require a credit check.

The following shopping list represents fun items for summer worth purchasing, even if you have to borrow:
Save Money on Shopping

  • Cooling Devices

    A new air conditioner can cost hundreds of dollars, but you can save money on cheaper alternatives, since you will really only need cooling three or four months of the year.

    Some ideas on more affordable cooling can include thinner clothing, ceiling fans, portable fans and cooling the body with wet towels placed in a refrigerator. Painting the interior and exterior of a home can also have a cooling effect.

  • Summer Clothes and Sporting Gear

    Some of the best summer clothing ideas include swim suits and tennis shoes. Avoid super cheap shoes if you plan on playing a lot of tennis or going on hiking expeditions. Shoes can wear out quickly if you do a lot of outdoor activity.

    If you love water sports and plan on visiting a lake or river frequently, consider getting a raft which is great for inviting friends. You may also want to consider joining a swim or tennis club. Other fun sporting opportunities in summer include golf, softball and volleyball. Or perhaps you just want to buy tickets to a baseball game and make travel arrangements.

  • Outdoor Cooking and Camping Equipment

    Summer barbecue parties work best with a grill which can usually be purchased on sale following the Fourth of July. Another option for outdoor cooking, especially if you plan on going camping, is to purchase a portable cooker, steamer or crock pot.

    Solar ovens and toaster ovens can also be low cost alternatives that don’t necessarily require a payday loan in California, unless you plan on buying a lot of camping supplies at once. In that case, consider also purchasing a tent and protective clothing for hiking. Bicycles make healthy summer choices that provide good exercise, as well as cutting down on fuel costs.

  • Jewelry

    Summer is an excellent time of the year to buy jewelry because it’s when demand usually slows down, so jewelers end up putting a lot of their merchandise on sale.

    The great thing about jewelry is that it usually is an investment that holds value, especially if it’s made of gold or silver. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one even if their birthday is later in the year. It never hurts to buy such items when they are marked down. Jewelry is good for storing value in case you ever need cash from a pawn shop.

  • Used Yard Sale Items

    Yard sales are very popular in the summer because it is right after people have done their spring cleaning and they are mostly trying to clear out old items rather than to make a profit.

    You will almost always find great deals at any given yard sale. It’s probably the most justified reason for getting a payday loan in California. You can save money on used clothes, books, stereos, computers and appliances. Craigslist is also a great place to find these items, perhaps at an even better bargain.

  • State and County Fairs

    If you happen to live in a city with a state or county fair or plan on visiting one this summer, consider a payday loan in California since these events usually give you the opportunity to buy low cost collector’s items that can be given away as Christmas gifts at the end of the year.

    Fairs are also fun places to try out diverse food and to enjoy unique entertainment. You may need extra cash if you want to try to win a stuffed animal or simply go on rides.

  • Outdoor Fresh Food Markets

    Summer is the best season for sampling a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Some of the best fruits during this season include apricots, blueberries, cherries, grapes, peaches, plums, strawberries, tomatoes and watermelons. These are just some of the items you may want to use to make pies and smoothies as well.

    Excellent summer vegetables include corn, cucumbers, peas and radishes. All of these foods are healthy and particularly tasty in the summer months.

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