Enjoy your summer with These Offbeat Part Time Jobs

Summer is a time when people want to go on vacation or enjoy the air conditioning with a book. Of course, some people need to work, and if you find yourself in that boat, you might be wondering what’s right for you this summer.

Offbeat Part Time Jobs

The fact is that there are a lot of interesting offbeat part-time jobs you can pick up in the summer months. Whether you’re looking for something between semesters as a student, or you just want to make some extra cash alongside your full-time job, there are pretty unique ideas out there.

Keep reading to learn more about all of the offbeat part-time jobs you might be able to acquire this summer.


Strong swimmers and people who love the sun can always find a job at their local pool or beach. You might have to prove your value here, but if you’re ready for a challenge, being a lifeguard could be a fun way to earn money this summer.

Camp Counselor

Did you love camp growing up? Maybe it’s time to give back to the kids and become a counselor. Camp counselor jobs are ideal for high school and college students with limited time to work as well.

Tour Leader

If you know your city well, a tour guide could be the perfect summer job for you. With the influx of summer travelers, you’ll likely find yourself busy the whole season.

Golf Course Caddy

People that love golf can spend time on the course and earn some money by being a caddy. Of course, most caddies are young, but if you’re a great golfer, you might earn some extra work by being able to provide tips and tricks to the more experienced adults.


With the weather so warm, many people spend time indoors. Now you can start that blog and find your audience in the same season.


If you’ve wanted to go back to school, summer is an ideal time to do it. From required classes to non-academic courses, you’ll find a broad spectrum of openings in most schools during the summer months.

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