Father’s Day 2013: Gift Your Dad a Fishing Vacation

Father’s Day is almost here and now days there is very little time for vacations, but every dad deserves a day of fishing. There are many surprisingly affordable fishing spots all around the country, especially when paired with a pay day loan. This list includes the best places to catch the best fish out of any fishing hole in the US:

Boca Grande
For fishers in the South East, Boca Grande takes the cake. One of the best places in the country to catch Tarpon, the area offers beautiful views and great guides and charters. Catching the huge Tarpon fish is an accomplishment in and of itself, and there is no better place in the United States to do it.

Alaska’s Selawik Valley
For those in the great northwest, Alaska’s Selawik Valley is the best place to catch Sheefish. The “Tarpon of the north” gets up to sixty pounds, and there is no better way to catch these majestic fish than Selawik Valley. This Father’s Day is the best time of the year to catch fish in Alaska. The days are lengthening quickly and these fish can be had late into the evening.

Castaic Lake
In California, one of the best places to catch bass is Castaic Lake. With so many fishing holes offering top notch bass, Castaic Lake stands out as an unusually picturesque area with many large bass to be had. Castaic Lake holds the record for most bass caught over twenty pounds. This Father’s Day, take home some of the largest bass in the country at Castaic Lake.

Hayward, Wisconsin
Known for its ice fishing, Hayward, Wisconsin is also one of the best Muskie fishing in the country in warm weather as well. Located in a beautiful area in the heart of the country, Hayward is a great spot to play for Father’s Day.

These are only a few great fishing spots in the country. Take out a pay day loan and visit them this Father’s Day that will be remembered.

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