How to Market Your Products For Easter Sale

Shopping For Easter Day !!Consumer spending for Easter holiday has steadily increased since 2010. Consumer spending for Easter 2012 is estimated at $16.8 billion. Retailers can expect a steady stream of customers between now and Easter Sunday.

By updating current inventory and adding touches unique to the season, retailers can take advantage of this renewed interest in Easter and increase their sales.

Follow these steps to market your products effectively for an Easter sale:

Update Inventory
Have any items that are out of date or out of style? Now is the time to remove them and make newer items available. If a retailer has been considering a new item for inventory, now is a good time to add it for the upcoming customer influx.

Likewise, make sure web sites and catalogs are not advertising items that are no long sold and likewise, highlight new products in these mediums.

Stock Holiday Novelties
Easter decorations and theme gifts are very important during Easter. Add Easter-themed items among the inventory offered. Clothing items for Easter Sunday, Easter candy and even Easter-themed toys are popular. Trinket items are especially popular and make good items to encourage impulse buying while waiting in line at the register.

Run Sales
Clearance sales are often necessary after a holiday. However those are normally run at a loss. Weekend sales or a one-for-two sale on a weeknight will help bring in customers seeking a deal while reducing the need to liquidate excess inventory after the holiday.

Branch Out
Storefront retailers can sell more products by placing them on eBay or Amazon. Online shopping is preferred by many customers and retailers will miss that market by not having an online presence.

Likewise, a primarily online retailer who uses eBay or Etsy can branch out into craft shows or other community festivals occurring before Easter. Putting a face to a virtual storefront increases customer loyalty.

With customers willing to buy for this season, it is a good time to take risks that normally do not seem worth the effort. Add new products, distribute print catalogs and try other new methods to bring in customers. Easter marks a new beginning and can also introduce new dynamics into retail establishments.

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