Memorial Day Weekend 2014: Get Best Travel Deals

Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend
Memorial Day weekend is one of the first big holidays of the summer season, when people have time to travel. Since the kids are out of school for an extra day, that also means that many families use Memorial Day as a way to go out and see family or just do something fun.

If you’re thinking about traveling on Memorial Day Weekend, alone or with your family, use these tips to help you get the best travel deals. You’ll save money and enjoy your trip a lot more!

Pick your dates wisely Memorial Day
According to Travelocity, one of the leading travel sites on the internet, the best day to travel is Wednesday, May 21, if you’re looking for a low price. While that day may not be possible for you, try to change your schedule or take time off so you can leave on the 21st. You’ll want to return Sunday, May 25 for the best price, as well. The average price for a round-trip ticket may be, more or less, based on distance and is $388 according to Travelocity.

You’ll also want to avoid Sunday, May 18 for your departure and Monday, May 26 for your return trip home.

Shop for deals
If you’re going to visit family or going to a specific destination you’ve had in mind for some time, you may not be able to be so flexible about where you’re going. However, if there are several cities on your travel wish list, you should take the time to shop around for deals.

Consider cheaper options
Think about more than just flights when factoring costs. Hotels in a city like New York are going to be much more expensive over Memorial Day weekend than a destination that isn’t a top choice for travelers all over the world.

Factor transportation cost
Along with hotels, you’ll need to factor in transportation. Some cities like Los Angeles practically require a car in order to get around and that can really make the cost of the trip skyrocket. Cities that have better public transportation or destinations in one area are more affordable.

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