Online Coupons: What All Are They Offering

Do you use coupons? If not, you’re missing out on hundreds of dollars of savings. Instead of relying on sales, you could instead use coupons on top of sales to get the best deals. What exactly is the greatest advice when it comes to coupons?

Check out the information below to become a coupon clipping master:

Online Coupons vs. Offline CouponsOnline Shopping
You have two options with coupons: online and print. Both of them have their own benefits. You can use both to maximize your savings but usually most people tend to use online coupons found on websites or email newsletters. Offline coupons have been around for ages, typically found in coupon books but can be printed off from coupon websites.

The difference between the two can mean big benefits for you. Online coupons will normally be associated with free shipping while offline coupons typically can be almost anything. You just have to drive to the store in order to redeem them.

How To Read Coupons
There is a coupon language that you should know before diving in. Here are some common wordings you should understand:

Limit one per transaction: This means you can only use one type of this coupon per transaction. Or you can break up your spending into smaller transactions to better use these coupons.

Limit one per visit: When a coupon says this, it means you can only use one coupon every time you visit the store. You could visit different stores if it’s a chain or just visit during different times.Offline Shopping

Limit one per customer: Only you, the customer; is allowed to use this coupon. However, this shouldn’t stop your significant other or family member using a coupon just like this too.

Redeemable only at: Some stores will honor competitors’ coupons, unless it has this wording on it. Then you must use the coupon at the specific store.

DND/DNT: This means Do Not Double or Do Not Triple, meaning you can’t double or triple coupons in a single transaction. This limits your savings but usually coupons that have this wording on them are considered a “steal”, meaning it’s a great deal!

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