Passover Treat: Top 5 Restaurants to Enjoy the Feast

Passover meals can be an elaborate family affair or they can be small dinners where people can simply enjoy one another’s company. With so many restaurants offering kosher meals, families are opting to forgo the huge family dinner at home and instead eat out at their favorite restaurant.

The Best Restaurants for Passover Passover Meals
Passover meals don’t have to be limited to one specific culture. The following list of restaurants offers kosher cuisine for any taste. Mexican and Italian style foods are available as well as traditional fare.

1. Eilat Grill: Under the rabbinical supervision of the Kehilla of Los Angeles, the Eliat Grill offers a wide selection of traditional kosher fare as well as foods from around the world. Pasta, grilled foods and the house chef’s traditional menu are available to order for Passover. The open atmosphere is well-suited for family gatherings.

2. Delice Bakery: Also under the rabbinical supervision of the Kehilla in Los Angeles, the Delice Bakery can prepare much of the Passover meals to be eaten in the restaurant or carried out to be served on Passover. The Delice Bakery is not open on Passover but does serve the complete 9 Day Menu.

3. Dino: The Dino restaurant is Italian by nature but can accommodate individuals who want kosher foods. They have a four course menu uniquely created for their patrons who observe the Passover. Dinner is served in plenty of time for patrons to be on their way well before sundown.

4. Casa Nonna: Casa Nonna serves their kosher fare in both a-la carte or on a tasting menu. While the much of the menu is based on foods from Italy and the Mediterranean, there are also an abundance of kosher foods on the menu as well. There are also several desserts that are served in Seder fashion.

5. Hudson: The Hudson offers both the complete traditional menu for the Seder Feast as well as a full menu of other kosher foods that are also acceptable. Their menus are served a-la cart and foods can be mixed and matched according to individual taste.

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