Smart August Shopping: What to Buy and What to Skip

Shopping is a stress reliever for some of us but the word ‘sale’ gets most of us going.

In August stores clear their shelves by offering big sales in preparation for the coming fall season. So, spring and summer items are heavily discounted. On the other hand, the items useful for the upcoming or next season (fall, in this case) are likely to have higher prices.

So this August, shop wisely to get the best you can without blowing your budget.
Smart August ShoppingSummer-Wear and Utilities

To Buy:

  • Swimwear & Towels: As summer nears its end, the swimsuits and beach towels have few takers, hence the price goes down in August.
  • Outdoor or Beach Inventory: For the same reason as above, think ahead and buy next summer’s supply of pool equipment and replace old grills and patio furniture.

Not to Buy:

  • The ‘in’ Clothing: If you want to buy into this year’s trends, be careful. Who knows, next year’s styles may completely change, causing you to look silly or embarrassing.


To Buy:

  • Laptops: High school and college students are the biggest buyer of laptops, but since they are already back to their institutions by month’s end, there is unlikely to be another laptop purchase drive. So laptops get big discounts in August.

Not to Buy:

  • Phones and Tablets: In the fall, usually the smartphone and tablet giants introduce new models. So wait a few more weeks; once the new models hits the market, the prices of older models will fall drastically.

School Clothes and Supply

To Buy:

  • Uniform and Supplies: Major stores give sales on ink, pen, paper, staplers and school uniforms as well.

Not to buy:

  • Winter Uniform: While it’s always nice to think ahead, remember that winter uniforms will be quite expensive now. Wait for Black Friday or post-holiday sales for those.

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