Smart Beauty Budget: What to Save and Splurge on

Beauty products can put a dent in your wallet, whether you shop at the drugstore or makeup counter at your local department or specialty store. However, not every item that you use on a regular basis requires you to spend a lot of money to get quality you want. Knowing which items you should save on and which ones you should splurge on can help you keep extra cash in your bank account and get everything you need to look and feel your best.

Save on shampoo and conditioner
All Shampoos and conditioners are not the same but quality brands are easy to find at the drugstore and many drugstores have big sales that allow you to buy multiple bottles of your favorite brand at a discounted price. Stock up when prices are lSmart Beauty Budgetow and keep your eyes open for rewards and discount programs.

Splurge on foundation
Foundation is literally the foundation of your look. If you pick a cheap one that doesn’t cover well you won’t be able to make the rest of your makeup perfect, even if you have the best products beyond your foundation. Pay a little extra for foundation and you’ll end up spending less on concealer and look better in the long run.

Save on mascara
Mascara from the drugstore is pretty much the same as the pretty penny one you can purchase from the department store, so don’t waste your money. What you do want to have is a quality applicator that you can use. Find out what type works for you and get a few extra. Discard the cheap ones that come with that drugstore mascara.

Splurge on moisturizer
Without a good moisturizer your skin is never going to look supple, healthy or particularly radiant. Like your foundation is the basis of your makeup routine, your moisturizer is the basis of skin care regimen. This is doubly true if you have acne-prone, dry or oily skin when any old moisturizer simply won’t do.

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