Stretching a Dollar Efficiently During Unemployment

Nobody likes being unemployed, but in a down economy, it’s a fact of life for many people. When you’re unemployed, stretching every dollar that you have is essential when you don’t know where your next paycheck is coming from. Follow these basic tips for making your money go as far as possible when you’re unemployed, even if it’s only for a short time.

Buy in Bulk
Items like food are essential even when you’re unemployed, but you may not be able to splurge on all of the foods that you did before. However, buying foods in bulk whenever possible can help you really stretch the money you have. Sure, it might take you a month to eat that big bag of rice, but in the long run, you’re going to save money. If you have a membership to a store like Costco or Sam’s Club, use it to buy staple foods in bulk like bread, beans and grains. It will help you hang on to your hard-earned money in a time of uncertainty.

Cut Non-Essential Expenses
When you have a job, small expenses don’t seem like a big deal. However, when you’re not working, avoid spending on non-essentials like that Netflix account and a monthly magazine subscription. The same goes for non-essential entertainment. You may not be able to go for months without entertainment, especially if you have kids, but doing what you can to reduce the overall cost is necessary. Take a trip to the discount movie theater and bring snacks instead of going to the nice theater and shelling out six-bucks for popcorn.

Consider Quick Payday Loans Online
Sometimes you just run out of money or don’t have enough to pay essential bills or rent when you’re unemployed. Quick payday loans online can help you tremendously, especially if you just need quick cash for something like your electric bill or rent. Most lenders are also flexible regarding payments and minimum amounts due on a monthly basis.

Steve Burgess is the Spokesperson for Faaast Cash, which provides instant payday loans and emergency cash advance, servicing the entire nation. Steve has over 25 years of senior executive experience turning around, building and leading some of the fastest growing and most successful companies in America. He has his MBA, makes media appearances, and is a highly regarded speaker at conferences, corporate and business events, and leading universities. Steve is also a #1 bestselling author whose books include Purpose, Passion, Abundance, On an Enlightened Path, and Living in Abundance. Google +

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