Summer Solstice Celebration: Throw a Bonfire Party

Summer Solstice is a very special day, which calls for celebration for many reasons. It is the longest day of the year when the sun appears to stand still. This year it begins on June 21, at 05.04 AM, Universal Time. So today is the day to welcome the advent of summer with your friends and family. It is indeed an occasion to throw a bonfire party and enjoy the company of your loved ones.

This day is celebrated almost universally by people belonging to different religions and cultures. Historically, in some European traditions, it was believed that evil spirits found the night of Summer Solstice to roam at will. The night was also an occasion for the witches to move to meet higher powers. A bonfire was therefore lit for protection from evils spirits and witches.

Fire is regarded universally as the most powerful manifestation of the Divine, worthy of devotion and worshiped by many. Fire has been the source of strength and power to scare off dangers posed by the visible as well as the invisible forces. It is also a symbol of purity of the soul. It does not matter whether you believe in the earthly or the occult, merry making around a bonfire has a cleansing effect. It leaves you feeling light and happy.

Spice your bonfire party tonight with songs, dance and a barbecue. Share jokes and anecdotes. Rejoice in the company of friends and family. However, you must also take care of certain important details. Please find out the local laws applicable to lighting of fire. In certain area, especially in dry conditions, there is a ban on lighting fires.

If you are on the right side of the law, you may go ahead but not without ensuring your own safety and also of your neighbors. Take care so that the fire is under control and there is no risk of it spreading beyond the limits.

Wishing you all a joyful Summer Solstice Bonfire Party!

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