Thanksgiving Day: Celebrations on a Budget

Happy Thanksgiving DayAs the holiday season nears, Justin wants to impress and thank a few friends, colleagues and family members for their support. He planned to have a Thanksgiving meal. Although this seemed expensive but appropriate; he has many people to invite and has to organize it within his budget. To achieve this, he opted for affordable meals bought at select stores. This will help in saving cash. Some of the items on his list are:

Stores and some food stall have offers for their customers. Some are offering a turkey for every purchase worth $150. A turkey is a sizeable bird that can comfortably feed a group of twenty. He could purchase a large turkey, enough for all, and still have money left over for other festivities.

Side Dishes in Season
It’s relatively cheap to buy seasonal food that is grown locally. Some off season perishables are expensive and may cost a pretty penny. Green beans among other veggies will be a great side dish, not to mention they are also nutritious too!

A traditional, all time favorite and affordable dessert is pumpkin pie! You can eithe rbuy these premade in any local grocery store or opt to making it homemade, although this could take a little longer.

DrinksThanksgiving Day Meal
Buying sizable packages of anything is cheaper in the long run. If Justin wants to keep in his budget and make sure all of his guests have enough to drink he can purchase a couple liters of Sprite and add some fruit to it for a special touch!. Alcohol can be optional.

Have a Potluck
If it turns out that the finances are limited and guests are multiple, Justin may request guests to bring a side dish or dessert of their choice. This will save him some time in preparation, money in purchasing and give every guest the opportunity to bring a little bit of their Thanksgiving tradition to his celebration.

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