Top 3 Android Apps to Manage Your Money

While credit and debit cards, online bill pay and automatic payments make things considerably more convenient they also make it easier to ignore your finances.

Android Apps for Money

Fortunately for Android users there are three apps that can give you easy access to and a convenient way to manage your finances. All three apps are available from the Google Play store.

Keep to Your Budget with Pocket Budget
If you take the time to make a budget you want to make sure to stick to it. Pocket Budget helps you track your income and your expenses from your phone. If you have an unexpected expense you can check to see how best to cover it by running a budget report. You can also do some future planning for trips, unexpected emergency funds or any other event that will require some extra money set aside.

Manage Your Money with Easy Money
This app gives you complete control of your finances from your mobile device. You can setup reminders, payments, or update your checkbook, making it easier to stay current with your payments. You can even do a quick analysis from your mobile device to make sure you have adequate funds to cover the remainder of the week or month. For those who want tighter control over their cash flow, you can use the interactive reports and graphs to see how you are doing toward keeping a budget or paying down debt.

Watching the Market with Money Control Markets on Mobile
Money Control Markets on Mobile gives you more details than most apps when it comes to national and international markets. You can keep an eye on the markets in real time so that you can have a reliable way to see how markets are doing at any point in time. It is the perfect app for professional and casual interests in stocks, bonds and financial areas. For those with a portfolio, you can track your own progress from the app.

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