Top 5 Halloween Costume Ideas to Fit Your Budget

As with any Holiday there always seems to be some sort of a financial report for who spends what. Supposedly this year, parents and people in general will be spending less than they ever have before when it comes to Halloween costumes.

Not everyone has a lot of money to spend it on a costume you might wear once or twice and then throw or giveaway. So if you are on a budget but you still want a costume, here are a few to check out. And no, you will not see sheets for a ghost in these examples!

Mad Scientist For Kids: All you really need for this costume is a fake pair of glasses that are preferably 1 size too large, a few fake rodents or snakes, some plastic bottles to fill up with colored water which go inside the pockets of the lab coat, a lab coat or a white coat of any sort and a loosely knotted tie or scarf to wrap around the wearers neck.

Magician for Kids: Add black and red fabric panels sewn together, and glue on a few playing cards inside the cape. You can also give your little magician a white shirt with black buttons, black shoes, a black top hat and a wand to show everyone just how magical he or she really is.

A Vampire For Kids or Tweens: Spray their hair black, add a cape, some fake vampire teeth, some white makeup for the undead and a few splatters of fake blood and you can easily and inexpensively create a vampire for him or for her. You can, of course, add your own little details as well such as a spider or supernatural gem ring or a gem brooch for around the collar.

Mummy Mommy and Mummy Kid: Just by using a few household products you probably already have, you can create a mummy face and costume. All you need are paper towels, coffee, corn flour, some corn syrup, brown and black costume makeup, cheese cloth and a few make up brushes and you can become Mommy Mummy or Daddy and mummy kid.

Mac n Cheese: If you have an old laundry basket lying around that you won’t be using anymore, you can cut the bottom of this circular basket and wrap blue cardboard around it, which will be used as a cup for this cute costume. You can then get your child a yellow long sleeve short or if you have an old raincoat lying around, you can use that. Then take old paper towel and toilet paper cardboard rolls and tape (or glue) them to the yellow short or raincoat.

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