Top 7 Practices to Maximize Your Car’s Fuel Mileage

At one time, a part of owning a car was the freedom to go on joyrides whenever people pleased. For many people, driving on country roads was like a spiritual experience.

But in today’s economy, gas prices along with cost of living remains expensive, forcing many people to cut back on their driving. Environmental awareness has also played a big role into this reduction in fuel consumption.

Below are top 7 ways to help make driving more economical in California, which typically has the highest gas prices in the nation.
Maximize Car's Fuel Mileage

  1. Walk or Ride a Bike
    Consider walking or riding a bike since either way can provide good exercise and a healthier lifestyle. A bike can be financed easily with a payday loan in California.
  2. Use The GasBuddy App to Compare Gas Prices
    Go to to get their app that provides access to daily gas prices for towns all over America. It’s a great companion for planning travel expenses.
  3. Strive for a Lean Driving Experience
    Vehicles with smaller 4 cylinder engines rather than V8s will usually get the best gas mileage. Less horsepower also means better fuel efficiency. Weight can be reduced by removing a luggage rack and not storing heavy items in the vehicle. A down payment on a new or used leaner vehicle can be done with a payday loan in California.
  4. Avoid Using Air Conditioning
    Instead of blasting the AC, try driving with the windows rolled down and wearing lighter clothes in the sunny months. Parking in the shade also helps keep the car cool.
  5. Join a Carpool
    Ask co-workers if they want to start a carpool four days a week, as four people rotate as the driver throughout the week. Websites such as and can also help commuters find others who share driving responsibilities.
  6. Use Gas Cards That Offer Rewards
    Gas cards can help save up to five percent because they provide bonus gas after a certain number of purchases. Websites that help compare gas cards include and
  7. Keep the Vehicle in Top Shape
    Preventive maintenance will result in your car becoming more economical. Find a trusted mechanic to make sure the fuel line isn’t clogged which can reduce fuel costs by as much as ten percent. Engine tune-ups can provide additional savings of four percent.

In times when it’s difficult to pay a mechanic, consider a payday loan in California.

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