Travel Tips: 12 Tricks to Save Your Cash

Travelling can be a fun and memorable experience, but it can also be more expensive than expected. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of cost-cutting opportunities as much as possible. The following tips will help vacationers reduce expenses on food, transportation, entertainment and lodging.

1. Before departing for a vacation, make sure that all home electronics and appliances are shut off to save energy.

2. For people travelling by air, flight costs can be reduced by visiting various websites and booking flights in advance at discount rates. Expedia, TarvelSupermarket, FlightsDirect and FlightChecker help lower airfare costs.

3. Travelling to another country can mean learning a new language. One way to learn for free is to download the Google Translate app for Android or iPhone.

4. Airline travellers should avoid making purchases for travel accessories at airports, which usually charge inflated prices. A more affordable solution is to visit MySupermarket and compare prices.

5. Finding affordable hotels can best be done online as opposed to choosing whatever is close to an airport. Sites such as Expedia, Priceline, TripAdvisor and Cheap Hotels provide bargain insight.

6. For the lowest cost lodging, besides staying with friends for free, consider hostels by visiting

7. Hungry travellers should bring their own snacks to avoid paying super high food prices at airports.

8. Dealing with foreign cash should not be done at an airport. Planning a foreign trip with TravelMoneyMax allows travellers to get better exchange rates.

9. One way to cut ground transportation costs upon arrival is to rent a car, not at the airport, but through researching websites such as Kayak, CarRentals and TravelSupermarket ahead of time.

10. Car insurance for renting a car can be pricey unless you plan ahead by doing price comparisons at websites such as Money Maxim and Direct Car Excess Insurance.

11. Instead of waiting to be surprised by entertainment, you should plan entertainment choices within your budgets by learning about nightlife through websites such as TripAdvisor.

12. To avoid extra luggage fees on the trip home, you should allow space in luggage for souvenirs.

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