What You’re Probably Forgetting to Budget For

Budgeting is an excellent way to manage your expenses but there are likely a few key expenses you left out of your budget that may need some additional consideration. The following are a few examples expenses you probably forgot to budget for.

    1. The Sick Pet – You may have a pet and although you make sure your pets get the proper vaccinations and preventative healthcare you might forget to plan for days when they actually get sick.

    1. Child’s Out of Town School Trip – Perhaps your child recently joined a school club that routinely takes out of town trips. Trips are voluntary but if you don’t pay for your child’s trip costs he or she is not allowed to attend.

    1. Safety Precautions for a Storm – No one ever knows for sure when a major storm will arrive. But when it’s near you’ll need to stock up on emergency kits, food rations, and even fuel just in case there a shortage problem.

    1. Family Member’s Funeral – As sad as it may be death is a part of life. However, most people don’t usually add someone’s death into their monthly budget.

    1. Home Bug Infestation – You may keep a clean house but sometimes bed bugs or termites are simply more aggressive. In as little as a weekend bugs can infest your home requiring the help of a costly exterminator.

    1. A Computer Virus – We’ve all heard of computer viruses but unless it happens to you they are simply cyber legends. When a virus hits your computer you might need to buy new software to clean your hard drive or worst case scenario you might have to buy a completely new computer.

    1. Stolen TV – Perhaps you’re a renter without renter’s insurance which can at times be costly for a tight budget. Someone decided to break into your apartment and stole a TV in the process.

  1. Identity Theft – No one ever plans for their identity to be stolen. However, the internet’s advanced and global capabilities mean no one is immune to identity theft.
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